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           Branching from Kenga Company LLC, The Gun Corner is an extended commercial shop fully equipped to supply all your firearm needs. Spanning 5 years of industry experience and a life-long passion for guns, Kenneth and The Gun Corner have grown to be a hub and point of focus for gun rights activists, enthusiasts, and new-comers in south-eastern Pennsylvania.


          Keeping guns in the family is an old practice some claim, yet many firearms are built to be durable for many years. With some cleaning and tweaking, most guns can be fully functional and fine specimens for the long haul. Modifications together with refurbishing have resulted in vast new forms of firearm maintenance.  With all these new advancements in firearm tech it’s safe to say we live in an exciting time and we seek to honor that.  Not only can we provide you with products and the equipment you need for firearms, we can also provide timely and quality services to refurbish, re-scope, or re-coat your gear.



          Our national passion for guns is part of the building blocks of our national character. Founding father, Thomas Jefferson once said, “A well armed populace is the best defense against tyranny.” Hunting and Gun Ranges still remains as one of America’s favorite pass times and the artistry of professional shooting continues to dazzle and inspire generations today.  Our second amendment rights have been threatened over the years, but they remain strong.  Because of this, The Gun Corner is a proud supporter of the right to exercise your second amendment rights.