About Us

About the Owner

Ken Gaskill is the CEO of Kenga Company LLC and the owner of The Gun Corner store on line. His passion for hunting and firearms began as a child in Pennsylvania. His father took him on his first pheasant hunt when he was 12 years old. The experience of engaging with nature in such a primal way unlocked not only his love of hunting, but his commitment to wilderness conservation.

Urban encroachment destroyed the place of his first hunting experience. The loss was keen, and now Ken is an active member of Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. He can often be seen at the shop reading the latest news in the shooting industry to keep aware of threats to his and his customers second amendment rights.

Ken worked in the corporate arena before he transferred to the shooting industry five years ago. The joy he experiences in making his passion his business is celebrated daily in the shop. After his early retirement from the corporate world, he went to the American Gunsmithing Institute. He soon completed their program, receiving his certification as a Master Gunsmith. Shortly thereafter, he received his FFL certification and opened Kenga Company LLC.

About the Company

Every aspect of our business is fueled by passion for the shooting industry. And it shows in our excellent service, expansive desires, and quality products. We specialize in gun smithing, repairs, modifications, restoration, and even building custom items for customers. Visit our shop if you are in the area. If not, visit our on line shop, The Gun Corner. You will not be disappointed but you may be overwhelmed!

Purchasing a Firearm

NOTE: FFL Firearm Transfers $25 long guns, $30 handguns; It is our policy to be as fair as possible with our pricing allowing for our Operating Cost. We will only accept firearm transfers from a current licensed FFL dealer unless prior arrangements have been made with Kenga Company. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but I feel this is a procedure I need to follow.

All handguns, Rifles, Receivers or Pistol frames purchased or transferred require PICS background Check.
Sales to Out of State purchasers must be transferred to customers Local In State FFL dealer for transfer to Purchaser. Please know your local laws.

In simple terms: The weapons you see on the website are ordered and sent to our location for you to pickup.  

Cleaning Equipment

Dewey one-piece cleaning rods, jags and brushes are recognized throughout the industry as the very best. I
recommend and use them. A properly fitted bore guide is a must and there are many good ones available. Bore
Tech Eliminator is a non-ammonia copper solvent that we also use for its fast effective copper removal. Under
certain conditions ammonia based cleaners can harm a rifle's bore. So we do not recommend their use. J-B
Bore Cleaning Compound is the only abrasive paste we recommend, and it is for the specific occasional use of
removing a carbon build-up in your barrel. Like any abrasive, over-use will damage your barrel. So read more
about its use in the general cleaning section below.

Refund Policy

Our return policy is simple. If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase, you may return your item for a refund. The only exception is ammunition, it cannot be returned. It is important to us that you are happy. Grading and describing used firearms is subjective and especially with collector quality guns, different people have different expectations. Any time you buy a gun without seeing it in person, you should have the option of returning it, and you will always have that option at Kenga Company. Guns cannot be fired or dissembled before returning them and must be returned in the same condition as received. Notification of a return must occur with-in 3 days of receipt at your dealer. Shipping and dealer fees are not refundable and are the responsibility of the buyer.